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Ecuador's Festivals
Ecuador has an unbelievable amount of parties, and the people here don't usually need a holiday as an excuse to party. To the other extreme, there are some (not many) holidays when the people of the country just raise their flags, and it's good to know why. This is a chronological list of descriptions of each of the fiestas and celebrated days in Ecuador, there's lots.

Native Markets
These markets are one of the main attractions to the country and a colorful diplay of the vibrant culture of Ecuador. Here you'll find general info about these markets, a list of where you can find them and which days they're open. We also included an approximate list of prices of a few things that can be found in these markets.

National Parks
There are some breathtaking national parks in Ecuador, in fact the whole country should be one big national park. This is information on 20 of the country's parks and reserves, divided by regions. As well we've included a list of entrance fees for those which have one.

Water Sports
This includes info about a few of the myriad of things you can do in the coast and the Galapagos. Our list includes scuba-diving, snorkelling, Sea kayaking, surfing and wind-surfing.

Ecuador's Nightlife
Ecuador certainly has enough things to do at night to be considered a classic Latin American country. Right now we have a list of the night life of Quito and Guayaquil, we'll add more later on.

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