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Quito's nightlife ranges from serious salsa to raves, from classy English style pubs to horrible karaoke beer troughs. In general the bars close at 2 or 3 o'clock. Discos are another story. There are several discotecas that stay open until dawn.

Another point to address up front is the difference between the various entrance fees. Bars in Quito handle what you and I know as a "cover" in one of three ways:

1. Cover charge: the one that we know best. You pay a certain amount to get in the door and then you buy all your drinks, or none, it doesn't matter;
2. Consumo minimo: there is no cover charge persay, but you have to spend at least X number of dollars or you pay something when you leave; and
3. Entrada con derecho a una bebida: by far the most popular in Quito. You pay X number of dollars and they give you a ticket or token for a "free" drink.

Cover charges usually range from 1 to 3.50 usd and they're getting more expensive.

Guayaquil is notorious for providing its visitors with more action after dark than during its sticky days. Atmosphere is everything. The scene varies from discos that rock until dawn to beer-sipping pubs, but they all include an exotic tropical vibe.

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