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Embassies in Quito
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This is the most interesting thing to look at, but it can be very helpful if your looking to book the next flight out or to another part of Ecuador. Right now all we have is a list (quite extensive) of airline companies, their hours of operations, addresses and contact information.

It's pretty nice to know that just because you're in Ecuador it doesn't mean that can't call, write an email or even send a fax home with a fair amount of ease. This section contains information on how to make a phone call to and from Ecuador, where to find inter-net cafes and lot more stuff that'll come in handy.

Embassy List
This is a very extensive list of 41 embassies of different countries in Quito (we'll try to get Guyaquil soon). This is so that no matter where you're from in the world you'll be able to find your embassy and information about any one of these 41 countries too. The listed information includes the address, hours of operation and the contact information.

One of the most popular reason that people come to Ecuador is to do volunteer work. I guess this is a result of all the help needed in the country, and in response to that there are also a wide range and a large number of organizations who either are Ecuador-based or have a branch in the country. This includes the addresses and contact information along with a brief description of each one.

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