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Organization in Ecuador



There are many different kind of orginization which work from, in and for Ecuador and, of the ones listed here, they are all out to help the people or the environment of the country.

Community Development
International Organizations
Indigenous Peoples

Community Development

Fundación Estrella de la Mañana
Fundación Estrella de la Mañana, or Morning Star Foundation is a non-profit, voluntary Ecuadorian organization, with national scope. Its base is in Quito, and it was founded on April 11, 1997. Its mission is to work for the well-being of Ecuadoran children, through providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to find creative and constructive solutions to their most pressing problems, in the areas of health, education, and the environment.
Upiano Paéz # 118 y Av. Patria,   Edif. Flacso, 4to. Piso
Ph: ( 593 2) 232-029 / 30 / 31, ext: 119  / Fax: (593 2) 227-203

Martín de Utreras 733 y Selva Alegre
P.O. Box 17-15-173-B Quito, Ecuador.
Ph: (593-2) 522-763 / 523-262

Fundación Cabo San Francisco

The population of San Francisco de El Cabo lives in conditions of extreme poverty on the edge of survival.
In response to this precarious situation, as well as to the neglect of governmental offices, the population came up with a solution to their problems. They formed the Foundation for the development of San Francisco de El Cabo.
Fundación para el desarrollo social "Cabo San Francisco"
Casilla 17-15 73B Quito, Ecuador

Fundación Vivamos Mejor (FVM) is an organization based on the ideas of Dr. Rupert Spillman, a Swiss physician. Dr. Spillman conceived a form of social out-reach that stems from a nursery school program. Today there are over 12 FVMs in countries across Latin America such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

International Organizations

Action on Health and Social Development
ANESVAD Foundation is a Non Governmental and Non-Profit Organization, which is integrated in the National Coordinator of NGOs for Development, which carries out Health and Social Projects in the least developed countries.

CARE has had an active presence in Ecuador since 1962. Initially, the mission was involved in distributing US-donated foods. This has evolved into a program that now includes projects in primary health care, installation of and training in water and sanitation systems, family gardens, sustainable agriculture, reforestation, soil conservation, environmental conservation, institutional strengthening and small business development.
CARE EcuadorApartado 17- 21- 1901
Ph: 593 2 921 871/710/711 712/713/714 Fax: 593 2 921-715

International Cooperation for Development is an international and non-governmental orginazation which is based out of London. ICD works in promoting social justice and development in developing counrties.
Valladolid 861 Y Vizcaya
Casilla 17-07-9180 Quito, Ecuador
Ph: (593 2) 565-524

The Food and Agriculture Organization was founded in October 1945 with a mandate to raise levels of nutrition and standards of living, to improve agricultural productivity, and to better the condition of rural populations.
Edificio Cominesa, Piso 4
Avenida 10 de Agosto 5470, Villalengua
Casilla 17-21-0190 Quito, Ecuador
Ph: (593-2) 455-172, 455-985, 458-085 / Fax: (593-2) 441 348



Charles Darwin Foundation

The Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands (CDF), an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization, was created in 1959 with the aim of promoting and facilitating the conservation of the unique ecosystems and native species of plants and animals of the Galapagos Islands, through scientific research and educational programs.

100 North Washington Street, Suite 232
Falls Church, VA 22046
Ph: (703) 538-6833 / Fax: (703) 538-6835

leopardo.gif (14550 bytes)

The Ecological Foundation "Rescate Jambelí" was founded by a group of Ecuadorians as an  answer to the urgent necessity of preserving our environment.
The FERJ realizes many activities closely related to the conservation and the handling of natural resources, with special interest in mangrove reforestation, wildlife conservation and forestry development.

C.C. Alban Borja, Planta Alta, Oficina 108
P.o. Box: 09-03-30197 Guayaquil, Ecuador
Ph: (593-4) 205-401 / Fax: (593-4) 201-578


In July 1989, the government of Ecuador approved the establishment of the Jatun Sacha Foundation.  A private, non-profit Ecuadorian foundation, Jatun Sacha is now one of the two largest non-profit conservation organizations in Ecuador.
Besides protecting ecologically important forest habitats, the foundation's three biological stations are nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in the development of innovative and concrete programs in community agroforestry, environmental education, and public health.

Indigenous Peoples

Av. 12 de Octubre 1430 y Wilson,
Casilla 17-12-719 Quito, Ecuador
Ph 562-633, 506-247 / Fax (593) 2 506-255

Since its formation in 1986, CONAIE has led the indigenous peoples of Ecuador from relative isolation to a position at center stage of Ecuadorian society. CONAIE is the representative body that guarantees indigenous people the political voice that has too long been denied them, and that expresses their needs and goals within a rapidly changing world.

WATU / Acción Indígena actúa cooperando con los pueblos indígenas, apoyando la lucha en favor de sus legítimas reivindicaciones, su autodeterminación, el derecho sobre sus tierras y territorios, el control de sus "recursos tradicionales" y la protección de sus derechos intelectuales y culturales. 

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