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General Information
There is really so much to say about Ecuador that no one could ever cover it all. We are costantly gathering information of this
beautiful country and its people's culture. All possible information is here, from visa info to how much a roasted guinea pig costs.

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The natural world of Ecuador is another one of the many things that attracts people from every corner of the world. In this section we have included things like
fauna, flora, climates, and the elevations of major mountains and volcanos.


Ecuador is known for many things, but one is the incredible diversity of its four regions. We have included specifics on the ancient and modern cultures of each region, and some general info too.

Things To Do

There is an endless list of things to do in Ecuador, as there are four completely different regions, each having it's own specialty and it's own life style. Here you will find Ecuadorian festivities, adventure, nightlife and lots more.

Art & Culture
The art and culture of Ecuador is one of, if not the, most intriguing aspects of Ecuadorian life. This is a quite extensive section including things from a gallery of art to traditional foods. From preserved colonial architecture to indigenous markets, of Ecuador.

Safety & Health

Prevention is always a good idea !
These are important things to know before coming to another country. It wouldn't be fun to be sick, while vacationing in Ecuador. We've included thing such as local diseases, prevention methods and tips to stay safe in a strange country.

These are things that are just really practical and good to know if you're planning on visiting Ecuador, or if you're already here. We have included a list of embassies and one of airline offices, among other useful things.


EcuadorToursOnLine Booking System invites you to discover our beautiful country and its people. Offering a variety of tours, often providing a custom designed tour to meet all of your interests and requirements at very reasonable prices.

Map Center

Our maps will come in handy when getting around Ecuador. We've got all sorts of maps coming out soon! Everything from topographicals to street maps to climate indicators. Enjoy !

Useful Links
If there is something that we didn't cover or something more specific you're looking for, you'll more likely find it in this categorized list of links.

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